Some Small Triumphs 07/21/09

So I just wanted to report some small victories of mine. I created this blog on July 1st. It has been online for exactly 21 days now. In that 21 days, I have managed to grab traffic reaching almost 100 visitors per day, I have built a mailing list of 21 people, and I have made almost $300 in affiliate commissions. $300 may not sound like a huge amount of money but considering that I am used to making between $100 and $150 per month, $300 in a 3 week period is a huge improvement!

I believe I have the Alex Jeffreys coaching class to thank for these triumphs. I have offered to help any student that needed it within the class, I have been very active in the forum, and I have posted on most of the people’s blogs who have given their link within the forum. I think that these three things have generated a ton of traffic for me. I have also began to post comments in blogs outside of the coaching, and I have started to become more and more active in the Warrior Forum again.

I have also noticed that my site has been getting ranked in Google for some pretty good keywords. The other day, I landed on page 1 of Google for the search term Hide Affiliate Links. That’s a pretty well searched keyword!

I feel like I’m really moving up in this online world! I have made some huge connections with some great people. We have already started to plan joint ventures for the future and I am really starting to feel like things are going to work out in my online business.

I think one of my biggest accomplishments, however, is managing to launch my own product that I created myself. I launched the first version of The WordPress Classroom and it has gotten some amazing reviews and attention. I am so excited to see how that develops and grows. It is a really exciting time for me!

I think all of these small triumphs are what keep on pushing me forward. People need to set big goals and small goals alike. Accomplishing the small goals continues to give them the drive and motivation to keep pushing towards the big goals!

Here are some people that have really helped me out so far that I just really want to thank. Please check out their blogs, they are great people and everyone can learn a lot from them!

  • Josh Bartlett – He helped me come up with the idea for the WordPress Classroom. He is also helping me design the layout for the new version that will be released shortly! Me and Josh bounce ideas off each other for hours at a time sometimes! This is one smart dude!
  • Joe Fier – Joe was my business partner before I started the coaching. Me and him support each other 100% and we are constantly doing what we can to help the other. He is usually the first person to comment on any blog post that I make and the guy has got some mad graphic design skills!
  • Marcus Passey – Marcus has got so much passion and drive to be a success online. I think that is why we relate so well! He is just a motivational guy with a great attitude and outlook. This guy is going to go far!
  • David Chamberlain – This is another guy that I spend hours at a time just bouncing ideas around with him. He is a smart guy and he always offers me help and advice. We promote each other’s blogs via the social bookmarking sites and I just think he’s going to be a great friend and contact going in to the future.
  • Rob Willis – Rob helps me with ideas all of the time too. He always has some good ideas and he always sends me cool tools and resources to check out.
  • Alex Jeffreys – My coach and mentor. This guy is one cool, down to earth dude. He is basically a marketing genius that has helped get me organized and on track. If it wasn’t for Alex, I would still be out there buying up every ebook that promised quick riches. He knows his stuff, he stays up until ungodly hours of the night to help people, and he’s just an all around nice guy

There are so many other people that have helped me here and there. I realized half way through making that list that there’s no way I’m going to be able to list them all in one post. I will make sure that everyone who has helped me along the way will get their due thanks. Anyone I haven’t mention, Thanks So Much!

This experience has been amazing and it’s just getting started!

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Keith Purkiss July 21, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt,

Very encourage story and $300 does sound a lot to me!
I’m sure it will steadily grow as your business progresses.

Well done so far anyway,


.-= Keith Purkiss?s last blog ..How Do You Find How Many Backlinks You Have? =-.

Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

Thanks so much for commenting! It is a good amount of money. I just wish it was more, seeing as I am doing this full time. :)

Josh Bartlett July 21, 2009 Reply

Hey Matt! Thanks SO much for the kind words my man!

Its totally my pleasure to be able to help out with your awesome project my man!

It is also GREAT to be able to brainstorm ideas with you buddy.

You will be a success because of what you are doing and who you are, its well deserved bro and I look forward to seeing things happen for us all in the coming months ahead!

I am loving your blog and thanks for the tips on my blog, it feels GREAT to have it up and have people visit and get the comments ive had so far there, thats partly thanks to you, so, thanks right back atcha! ;)
.-= Josh Bartlett?s last blog ..Video Marketing, Where do I start? =-.

Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

Hey Josh,
You are the man! I can’t thank you enough for all of the help you have given me so far!

Kin Lau July 21, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt,

I’m one of the student from Alex’s coaching program. And I sign up your wordpress classroom, the video you did was great, I just love it. It’s all really simple things, but these little things make the blog become more appealing. please do more, surely I’ll recommand your product to anyone.


Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

Hey Kin!
Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked them. I actually posted some secret bonus videos that you can find in the forum. Thanks for the support and thanks for leaving the comment!

marcus passey July 21, 2009 Reply

Hey Matt

Wow thanks for the mention my friend,you know people keep mentioning me and I really have no special skills just the ability to be liked,and maybe I am funny.Yet people like you matt my good friend are saying thankyou to me its amazing,maybe I do have a special skill after all.

But Matt my man I am learning I have picked stuff up and one day maybe I will pass these skills on.

speak soon buddy


.-= marcus passey?s last blog ..Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0My Kids Wanted To Do A Funny Internet Marketing Video =-.

Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

You do have a skill. You are an amazing networker! Have you seen this network of friends and partners that you have built that all want to see you succeed? Stop saying you’ve got nothing to teach. I wish I could figure out how to build a network as large as you have!

Joe Fier July 21, 2009 Reply

You’re doing great, my man!

$300 in 3 weeks is only the beginning. Now think, in a few weeks you’ll probably be hitting nearly $3000 in 3 weeks… Now I bet you’re really happy you quit your day job!

Just as always, thank you very much for the kind words, as you know you’re at the top of my thank you list! These are some great people you’ve listed, I’m happy I could be a part of them.

.-= Joe Fier?s last blog ..The Power of Helping Others =-.

Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

You are awesome! Alex recommended a new top logo for my blog… Wink wink… I’m glad I have a local connection that I can brainstorm with over a couple beers anytime I want. :)

I’ll be much more glad that I quit my job once I see that $3,000 in 3 weeks.

David Chamberlain July 21, 2009 Reply

Hey Matt

Thanks for the words man!

Your gonna go far, everyone can see it I think! I really enjoy bouncing ideas around with you, and hopefully we can work on something together going forward!

In fact, I think we all should work on something as a group, would be awesome!

Anyway, keep doing what your doing because it’s working.

Again thanks for the mention!

.-= David Chamberlain?s last blog ..P-P-P-P-P-P =-.

Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

Hey man! You are in my network now! I’m glad I’ve got a cool resource that has a different skillset than what I’ve got. We can exchange ideas and strategies. That has just been really cool! Thanks for commenting!

David Walker July 21, 2009 Reply

Hey Matt,

It was great to chat with you on Skype last night before the coaching call and hopefully we can talk again soon. I am almost always logged into Skype so don’t be a stranger!

It’s great to see you are making steady progress even at this early stage and I agree with Joe, pretty soon you will be talking about how many thousands of dollars you are making per week rather than a few measly hundred ;-)

Keep in touch.

.-= David Walker?s last blog ..New eBook ? Stop Slogging Start Blogging! =-.

Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

Hey David,
It was great talking to you, even though our call was a little short. I can’t wait to have a longer discussion with you. You seem like you really know your stuff and I think we can really learn a lot from each other!

Peter Davies July 21, 2009 Reply


Keep up the good work Mate, you look way ahead of the game here, I’ve got an awful lot of catching up to do!

.-= Peter Davies?s last blog ..Journal Entry Module 2 Alex Jeffreys Internet Marketing Coaching =-.

Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

I have a head start. :) I’ve been blogging for almost three years and I am just now starting to see a little success. I don’t think it has to be that slow for everyone though. I’m going to try to teach everyone what I’ve done and they can expedite their progress by learning what has and hasn’t worked from me.

Brad July 21, 2009 Reply

congratz on the success!
Finishing all the small goals leads you
to finishing the bigger goals :P
.-= Brad?s last blog ..Alex Jeffreys Coaching Reviewed =-.

Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

Hey Brad,
That’s definitely true! I feel so excited by accomplishing small goals that it gives me a drive to accomplish the big ones! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

Rod Macbeth July 21, 2009 Reply

I’m happy to see the success you’re seeing. It’s well deserved!
.-= Rod Macbeth?s last blog ..Which AutoResponder Does One Choose? =-.

Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

Thanks so much Rod! I really appreciate the comment!

Sean Beardmore July 22, 2009 Reply

Hey Matt,

You’re doing great man, you really are and you will NOT have to find that job, your future is definately here online!

I really appreciate your support recently and it was good chatting online too.

Hope to catch up again soon.

Take care


Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

Hey Sean,
Thanks so much! I really appreciate that. I hope I can maintain a good income doing this. If you need anymore help with your blog at all, feel free to let me know!

marcus passey July 22, 2009 Reply

Matt how ya doing my friend,

I was rattling on in my last comment,forgot to say well done on those results wow $300 in a three week period and you have gone from 3 to 21 in your mailing list.Traffic up everything is going up matt my friend.

Always a pleasure talking to you,have to speak again soon.


.-= marcus passey?s last blog ..Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0My Kids Wanted To Do A Funny Internet Marketing Video =-.

Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

Thanks Marcus! You have been awesome! I love chatting with you and we need to do it more often. I think the timezones get in the way. You are on your way as well and I can’t wait to see what you do with all of this knowledge you’ve been soaking in and all of these new contacts that you are making!

Susan Naftali July 22, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt,
How are you?

Your blog looks great and love the content and honesty in your posts.

In addition, whenever I want to get ideas on anything – especially knowledge, format, articles, widgets, etc….I go straight to your blog. It’s the only blog I have on my toolbar so I have immediate and easy access to it.

You really are an inspiration to the rest of us.

Thank you Matt and I’m counting on seeing you at the top – as the next IM Guru.

Susan Naftali

Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

Hey Susan,
That is great! I am so glad that you bookmarked it. I think you are the first person to tell me that they have done that. I think that’s really cool! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment! I am so glad that people actually appreciate what I am writing sometimes. It is a cool feeling!

Norm July 22, 2009 Reply

Hey Matt I am really impressed with what you’ve done so far.

Your blog looks great. You appear to be one prolific blogger as well as a person who gets things done in a hurry.

I just signed up for your wordpress tutorials.

.-= Norm?s last blog ..Six Degrees And Internet Marketing =-.

Matt July 22, 2009 Reply

Thanks Norm,
I do try to get things done fast. But sometimes I procrastinate as well. It’s taking me almost three years to really see any success online. Thanks so much for the comments and thanks for checking out the tutorials!

Thomas Northrop July 22, 2009 Reply

Hey Matthew

Great looking Blog. Actually I got a preview the other night during the class. Wanted to see the now famous header live. Personally I like the header, it gives the the feeling that you are successful and in command, kinda like you are the king of the city.

Well that’s my two cents worth about the header.

Glad to hear about your success, keep up the great work. The best advice I can give you is keep on doing what Alex tells you to do. Especially the plan for tommorrow today part. When I started doing that, good things started happening.

.-= Thomas Northrop?s last blog ..Alex Jeffreys Class Module Three =-.

Matt July 23, 2009 Reply

Thanks Thomas! I really appreciate the advice. My header is still up in the air. I’ve always liked my header too but I probably will change it. The text is kind of plain and there is a lot going on.

I always plan tomorrow today. If I don’t, I wake up the next morning and fool around before getting to work. I’ll end up wasting my day when I should be working my way down the list. Thanks so much for commenting!

Jared Little July 22, 2009 Reply

Nice story. Enjoyed it very much. Very encouraging. I will have to subscribe to your site. Success is always good keep at it.
.-= Jared Little?s last blog ..Who buys 2000 dollar Internet Marketing Products =-.

Matt July 23, 2009 Reply

Thanks so much Jared! I appreciate the comment!

Rob Willis July 23, 2009 Reply

Keep up the great work & thanks for the plug.

We are all in this together & I look forward to putting a few more of those ideas we have together.


.-= Rob Willis?s last blog ..Here?s a Quick and Easy Way to Attract New Clients =-.

Matt July 23, 2009 Reply

Sounds great Rob! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store!

Jose July 23, 2009 Reply

Your blog’s a beauty! And those $300 are just the first little stones of the avalanche to come, for sure. Congratulations!



Matt July 23, 2009 Reply

Thanks so much Jose! I really appreciate the encouragement. I really feel like things are starting to happen for me!

Mike Franklin July 23, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt. I just popped back to have a look at your awesome creation here. I was here once before, but did not have much time then to spend a while, and leave a comment, so here it is now. I am really bowled over, your blog is just fantastic, and congratulations on your own product, that’s amazing, and I wish you all the success with it. Just makes me realize how far I still have to go, but :’m eating the elephant bite by bite.
Take care
.-= Mike Franklin?s last blog ..A little Marketing Strategy =-.

Matt July 23, 2009 Reply

Hey! Thanks for stopping by Mike. I really appreciate the comment! I have put way too much time in to this damn thing. I need to get a life. :)

Rich Cardarelli July 23, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt,

This is a really impressive site, you pretty much cover all
bases, and you do it very well. The layout of everything has meaning, and will only get even better.
Do you know where I can find more themes for my blog, I’m not really happy with the one I chose, its kind of bland vanilla.

I wish you even more success, and I’m sure we will be talking a lot more as the course moves along.

Success is yours,

Matt July 23, 2009 Reply

Hey Rich,
If you are looking for free themes, just shoot on over to Google and type “Free WordPress Themes”. You will get thousands of results! If you want a custom made theme, e-mail me and we’ll work something out. ;)

marcus passey July 23, 2009 Reply

Matt I’m missing ya been so busy getting well behind,

Hows is everything going my friend??

speak soon

.-= marcus passey?s last blog ..Marketing With Alex Coaching Course 2.0My Kids Wanted To Do A Funny Internet Marketing Video =-.

Matt July 23, 2009 Reply

Hey Marcus! Thanks for dropping by again! The time zone difference is killing us! We’ll connect on Skype again soon!

mick fallon July 23, 2009 Reply

hi matt just joined your word press classroom
please dont let it stop there these videos are great to follow
so professional theres so many areas you can go with this
i paid i think it was over $50 for a vid course on aweber and your vids are just as good if not better
thanks again matt.

Matt July 23, 2009 Reply

Hey awesome Mick! Thanks so much for that! I really appreciate the kind words. More possible testimonials for my future product? Thanks for commenting!

mick fallon July 23, 2009 Reply

oops i forgot to add thats why my pics on the reply i followed your course.
im getting fed up of looking at that picture now ill have to put a bag on me head.

Matt July 23, 2009 Reply

Awesome! I’m glad that you were able to follow along and it all worked out. :)

richard July 23, 2009 Reply


Fantastic job! I appreciate the help both you and Joe gave me setting up my blog. I am going on vacation next week and will be spending time reading on improving my blog appearance. When I get back I’ll take action and get my new face. I know you have been help others in great numbers, as a result, you will experience success in return. To your continued success…

.-= richard?s last blog ..My Online Coach Named ?Alex Jeffreys? =-.

Matt July 24, 2009 Reply

Hey Richard!
No problem at all we love to help people! Have a great time on your vacation and thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Andrew Vaughan July 24, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt,

This really is stunning success for just 21 days.

Please tell me you had a lot of things set up and organised before AJ’s programme launched? Otherwise, I just don’t know how you’ve done it.

Either way, great job and great blog.

Hope to speak soon,
.-= Andrew Vaughan?s last blog ..Internet Marketing Success! ? Is Your Mind Right? =-.

Matt July 24, 2009 Reply

Hey Andrew,
I have had blogs in the past before this. I have never built a list and I have never set up any sort of profit pulling system. I did start this blog on July 1st. So I guess it had a 5 day head start (The coaching started on the 6th). The way I have done it… Well I guess I have no life. :) I basically I spend all day every day tweaking my blog, commenting on other blogs and in forums, responding to people’s e-mails, and creating new WordPress Videos. I don’t have another full time job right now, even though I probably spend about 15 hours per day on this stuff. Thanks for commenting!

Keith Purkiss July 24, 2009 Reply

Hi Matt,

Wow 48 comments on one post!

I’m waiting to hear your next success story,


.-= Keith Purkiss?s last blog ..Alex Jeffreys Coaching ? Creating A Product In 7 days. =-.

Matt July 24, 2009 Reply

I’m hoping to be able to write another success story soon. :)
Thanks for the comment and the encouragement!

Stephen Bailey July 24, 2009 Reply

Hey Matt,
Joined up to your W-P Classroom. Well dude you have really done your home work there!! You must be good at explaining things I even managed to follow two of the Vids with no problem at all. Thanks for all your help on the forum also. I am so pleased to hear you are starting to get results. Let us know the secret :-) )

If you have a minute pass a comment on my Blog Please. Am looking for critique !! From all who have the time.

All the best to you mate.

Regards Steve.

Matt July 24, 2009 Reply

Hey Stephen,
I am so glad that the WPC (That’s my code name for it) is working out for you! I’ve got a load of testimonials now from people who have really benefited from it.

Thanks so much for the comment and I left one over on your blog as well. It’s off to a good start. :)

Gene July 25, 2009 Reply

Great post, Matt. Good to see you taking action.

Keep it up!


Matt July 25, 2009 Reply

Thanks Gene! I appreciate the comment!


Hi Matt,

Marketing With Alex 4.0 student. I was just going through a forum thread about people’s latest posts, and was intrigued by the title of this post. It was well worth the read, and the comments were further enlightening.

It’s great to see how you, Josh, Joe, David and others have continued to build from strength-to-strength… scaling up as you go along.

There’s an Internet Marketer (Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn) that publishes a monthly income statement of his IM revenue. Your post seems like a step in that direction.

Is disclosing your monthly earnings something you (or others on this thread) would consider?

Now that’s being open!

Looking forward to more update posts from you.

BTW, I’ll send you a private email (I found a glitch in one of your list sign-up processes.)

Later, gator.

Bolaji O <– Like the hotel in Vegas.

Get High PR Backlinks March 18, 2014 Reply

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